Savannah’s Crown Jewel

Forsyth Park has been called the Crown Jewel of Savannah. Established in 1841, it is one of the oldest municipal parks in the country, even older than Central Park in New York. As our city and tourism have boomed, so has the use of this iconic treasure. In many ways, Forsyth Park is being loved to death. Our club has a long history of participation in the Park’s beautification; In 2012, we restored the Fragrant Garden and have taken responsibility for its ongoing maintenance in partnership with the City. Other contributions include the landscaping of the playground areas and funding the addition of brick walkways and benches in the area of the two forts.

Honoring the Past - Planning for the Future

In 2015, Trustees’ Garden Club initiated a multi-year legacy project, the goal of which was to present as a gift to the City a Stewardship Plan for Forsyth Park. The two most important aspects of the plan are a Master Plan for the park and designation of the park as a National Historic Landmark. Creating a Master Plan to act as a guideline for the use and development of the park is a way to protect this precious asset while also allowing it to evolve to meet the demands of modern life. The Plan will provide comprehensive guidelines for action and will establish a vision for Forsyth Park for decades to come.

An Inclusive Process

City elected officials and staff along with many key stakeholders have been involved in the project from the very beginning and will continue to be throughout the process. Citizens from every Aldermanic District will be invited to public meetings to provide invaluable feedback on the plan draft as it evolves.


Park History

Park History (docx)